Elect a candidate with experience, common sense, and vision on November 8th

Susan Kirks for Mayor 2022

Dear Petaluma Supporters,

As election results appear close to final, I want to thank all of you who voted for me for Petaluma’s new Mayor! While I’m in last place with 8%, or 1,908 total votes, I cherish each and every vote.

Voters who supported my candidacy sent the message for much stronger environmental awareness and protection, better land use planning, climate action that is inclusive and expands to habitat protection, wildlife corridors and species support, and City Council leadership that includes agenda setting, well managed meetings, and decisions that are best for all Petalumans.

I would have loved to have the opportunity to lead our City as Mayor, with many firsts that could have been created, setting the path for more effective and honest governance. Again, thank you for your trust in me.

During the campaign, I listened to frustrations and the strong desire for improved government with at least some form of honesty. And I agreed with you.

Priorities I would have moved forward with the City Council would have included:

  1. Updating the City Charter with compensation for elected officials.
  2. The best decision for our Fairgrounds, so important to us in Petaluma, including the climate resilience grant application to support a state-of-the-art emergency evacuation center.
  3. A micro-transit system, provided free of charge to residents by the City, for all Districts, while the Caulfield connector was pursued and Safe Streets were also prioritized.
  4. Establishing open and green space policies, priorities and funding pathways, and incorporating this into the General Plan update with Natural Environment and Equity as the very bases for every element in the plan.
  5. Enacting the Climate Action Framework, and expanding work on natural systems, habitat protection and wildlife corridors, areas that have not been prioritized to date.
  6. Economic development to create bridges from Petaluma’s history to our future – technology, green technology-manufacturing-construction, and plant-based manufacturing and distribution.
  7. Completing property title transfer of the Paula Lane open space land, a $1,000,050 public funds investment, from the City of Petaluma to qualified entities to reverse the damage caused by the City and restore habitat, providing the promised amenity and programs to the Petaluma community.

I am focused on #7 now. I’ll also be developing with my incorporators the new conservation land trust to serve South Sonoma County, Conservation Trust of the North Bay. This trust will be a mechanism of autonomy to support conservation efforts, save land, and provide plant-based agricultural opportunities.

Keep the faith and know that your vision and mine were heard and appreciated by many here in Petaluma, and we may look forward to the future for new leadership and environmental protection while preserving Petaluma’s special rural character.

Please stay in touch! I’ll continue to serve our City and community to the best of my ability.

susan.petaluma@gmail.com or 707-779-9788