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We enthusiastically support Susan Kirks for Mayor of Petaluma!

Partial list of endorsements

Forest Arata

Rich Arata

Kathleen Barker

Veronica Bowers

Christine Cohen

Gordon Cohen

James Patrick Darcy

Marsha Vas Dupre, Ph.D.

Kathleen Garvey

Richard Gibbs

Kirsten Gilstrap

Carolyn Greene

Keli Hendricks

Eugene Hunn

Nancy Hunn

Lucy Langdon

Jon Long

Liz Mello

Lindsay Mickles

Victor Minasian

Sheryl Nadeau

Ronald Nadeau

Ned Orrett

Caitlin Quinn

Nathaniel Roberts

Gayle Saltsgaver

Steven Schuler

Barbara Miller Shreibman

Sue Sullivan

Joan Vilms

Peeter Vilms

“I have worked closely with Susan Kirks on the environment and climate change. Susan is extremely hard working and is totally dedicated to the environment. She is outgoing and cares deeply for Petaluma. Susan, through her work as President of the Madrone Audubon Society and the local Phenology Projects, reaches out well beyond Petaluma, having many ties to surrounding counties, the Bay Area and nationally. Susan’s work is thorough, thoughtful and knowledgeable, particularly in the biological sciences. She is conscientious and caring in her work with people. She will bring a lively, interesting and very responsible presence to the Petaluma City Council.”

Christine Cohen

“If you want a hard working councilwoman who is honest and has integrity, Susan Kirks is the one. Susan keeps her promises, is highly ethical, and cares deeply about our environment. If you are worried about orange skies, extreme heat and degradation of our water, our air and our earth, Susan is not only worried, she is doing all she can to help save our planet and most particularly our spot on this precious earth. Her background is solidly based on science and she speaks loud and clear!”

Gordon Cohen

“Susan is ready to serve on City Council from day 1. She is dedicated to including all Petalumans and helping to create a safe and welcoming City for living, working and enjoying. Her extensive environmental experience and familiarity with the General Plan process, focusing on low carbon, green growth, and City government and wanting to improve it are attributes we want to add to our City Council.”

Caitlin Quinn
Chair, City of Petaluma Animal Services Advisory Committee
School Board Trustee, Petaluma City Schools
Officer, Sonoma County Commission on the Status of Women

“Petaluma can elect a woman of strength, integrity and knowledge to the Petaluma City Council. Susan’s vision led the open space procurement for Paula Lane to save important land forever. Her Project design, High Use-Low Impact, helps us understand how to coexist with Nature and not disturb it. Her leadership and perseverance brought the Ramsar wetland of international importance designation to Petaluma’s wetlands. Susan is a woman far ahead of her time and an accomplished leader in the Bay Area. Her election to the Petaluma City Council will bring a voice for the citizens and, as important, an informed expert in community and environmental issues.”

Gayle Saltsgaver

“We’re in the midst of a global pandemic and climate emergency. Susan’s experience and strong environmental record will bring an important and informed voice of leadership to the Petaluma City Council.”

Joan Vilms
Nationally recognized land use consultant and conservationist